The Legend lives on — Beethoven’s Fifth

The Legend lives on

leg•end : noun \ˈle-jənd\ a story coming down from the past; especially: one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable.

The man, as well as the concept behind our spirit brand – Beethoven’s Fifth ® – is steeped in legend, both figuratively, and literally. As a figure, the composer Ludwig van Beethoven needs no introduction. The symphonies and sonatas he composed are timeless masterpieces and represent the most beautiful music of his era. He was born in Bonn in 1770 to Johann van Beethoven and his wife, Maria Magdalena, née Keverich.

For the Kreusch family, this legend began many generations ago with the maternal side of the Beethoven family. As family lore has it, Leonard Kreusch’s (* 1870 † 1940) great, great, great, grandmother and Beethoven’s grandmother were sisters.

According to public record, Beethoven’s great grandmother was born in the Mosel valley and his grandfather was head chef at the Court of the Archbishop of Trier in Ehrenbreitstein. Although unverifiable - true to the definition of a legend – there’s a host of circumstantial evidence pointing to our musical link to the past.

Paintings and busts of Beethoven, as well as other artifacts and references, have been passed through the generations, and wine labels dating back nearly a century, adorned with both his image and the family crest complete the archive. The family winery in Trier includes a large stained-glass window with these same images.


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