Winter wheat and triple-distillation — Beethoven’s Fifth

Winter wheat and

Let the Legend live on

In tribute to the Maestro Ludwig van Beethoven and our legendary connection to the past, we decided to create this premium quality triple-distilled Vodka and share our story.

Specially-selected winter wheat, masterfully milled and fermented, begins the production process. The resulting mash then undergoes a three-part continuous distillation, as well as a rectification process that, not only retains the nuances and attributes of the wheat, but also eliminates virtually any trace of impurity.

Why winter wheat?
Planted in early autumn, this seasonal wheat develops slowly and as it matures, building protein and a fuller, more complex flavor before it is harvested.

The result is a spirit of great taste, unparalleled smoothness and character – a befitting tribute to the life and legend of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Only available in Fifths (750ml size) - of course!


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